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Extreme Off Roud TYRE STARK


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 14:04




33x12,5-16 STARK PROTO price: 237.- EUR tk

35x12,5-16 STARK PROTO price: 258.- EUR tk

35x13,5-15 STARK PROTO price: 285.- EUR tk

39,5x16,5-16 STARK BLCKBURN price : 475.- EUR tk



In the majority of off-road performance tire STARK BLACKBURN, having a low cost, far superior to all popular off-road wheels M / T class and in its thrust comparable with tractor tires. It is equipped with the highest grouser in its size and has pattern which is almost impossible to stuck in mud.. Excellent in going out of the rut and keeping the side slope. STARK BLACKBURN,  is perfect for driving through deep mud ruts, and on soft soil.

City and highway

Despite the extremely aggressive off-road features, STARK BLACKBURN is also well suited for driving on asphalt. For this task, there is a special central treadmill, and  tire structure has been developed to carry out hard flat road running task. It makes the tire confidently holding the road at high speeds with good steering power. The level of noise and fuel consumption of STARK BLACKBURN is not much higher than radial tires M / T class, or even better than some other models.

Winter performance

Special rubber compound designed for tire usage in temperatures ranging from -35 to +40 C. It can be used in everyday STARK BLACKBURN mode in the city and on the road in winter.

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Posted 22 September 2017 - 01:34

Com acordo com a jurisprudência atualizada, alguns do STJ tal como do MAIOR INSTÂNCIA DO PODER JUDICIÁRIO, bem como com mandamento contado no Art.

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